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Stories from the Gift Box distribution January 2014

  Inna  moved to Ukraine to find peace.

Inna moved from Tajikistan to Ukraine a few years  ago after the suicide of her husband and to escape the problems there. Now her family of three boys are supported by her daughter’s basic salary and help from the organization. Inna can’t work, nor as an unemployed  immigrant  receive  the cancer treatment  she needs. The boys carefully opened their gift boxes so thrilled, especially with the exciting toys and sweets but also the  shampoo and toothbrushes , so necessary but so expensive. There was even a calendar with pictures of Switzerland in one, such amazing gift boxes.

  Ljudmilla  thank you for your help  Ukraine

In the Ukraine Ljudmilla sobs with joy as her grandson Igor opens his gift box , finding all the wonderful school needs, toiletries, sweets and toys inside, his treasured gift for Switzerland!  Lyudmila struggles to bring Igor up and look after her daughter beaten so badly by her brutal alcoholic husband she now has a mental disability, almost blind and incapable of looking after Igor. These gifts make such a difference to their lives and gives Ljudmilla the help and encouragement to continue the struggle.