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Complete Gift Boxes containing all the items on the customs list are the preferred  donation.

Even though the aim of our Gift Box Collection is to collect ready made boxes, you have the option of ordering semi-made or complete boxes. 

  Option 1

Order a semi-made or complete box. A semi made box contains all the items of the list except TOYS OR CLOTHING which you have to add. Make sure we have your name/ phone number and we will contact you as soon as your box is ready for collection. Cost of this box/service is CHF 25. 

  Option 2

We will prepare a  complete box for you with clothes and toys the box will be gift wrapped and we will delivered to one of our drop off points or you can pick it up from my address. If you want to take the box to the collection point yourself please leave name AND phone number so we can contact you when box is ready for collection. Cost for this box/service is CHF 45. 

  Option 3

Donate any amount you like and we will buy the items on the list or donations of items on the customs list means we can make even more boxes  with your donations.

You can contact me by email at

Thank you for helping

Tyrrian Livesley